Earthquake Safety Tips

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  • People who simply "duck and cover" when buildings collapse or who get under objects like desks or cars are crushed to death. Do not take cover under an item. Lay beside it, not under it.
  • Animals and little babies naturally curl up in the fetal position, and you should do it too in an earthquake situation. It is a natural safety and survival instinct that you can survive in a smaller void. Get next to an object, not under it. Get next to a bulky object that will compress slightly but leave a void next to it. (ie. a car, desk, sofa, etc.)
  • Wooden buildings are the safest structures to be in during an earthquake because wood is flexible. Wood will move with the force of the earthquake and if it does collapse, it leaves large survival voids. Wooden structures also have less concentrated, crushing weight that breaking bricks and concrete slabs create.
  • If you are in bed when an earthquake occurs, simply roll off the bed and lay beside the bed, not under it. A safe void will be created around the bed.
  • Standing under a doorway during an earthquake will normally result in death either by the door jam cutting you in half or it giving way and the ceiling above you crushing you.
  • Stairs are equally dangerous because they will swing away from the main part of the building causing you get chopped up by the stair treads. Always stay away from stairs even if they do not fall, they are unstable.
  • Get near the outer walls of buildings or outside of them if at all possible. You never want your escape route to be blocked.
  • Get out of your vehicle and either sit or lie next to it creating a void. If you are in your car, you will be crushed by the road as it caves in around you. Cars create an almost 3' void beside them.