Helping Fire Victims

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The fire on December 1, 2008 left the Allison family homeless. The home located on Southwind Drive in Mineral Wells, Tx was lost along with it's contents and the family's 3 dogs. The extreme drought conditions and the high winds allowed the home to go up in a blaze quickly. No one was home at the time of the fire, so all of the 6 residents were safe. The family's 3 dogs, however, did not survive. A family friend, Christy Harrison, volunteered to rally support within the community for the family. She collected money, made phone calls and contacted Compassion for Life for our assistance. We were blessed to be able to help the family to furnish their rent house with furniture, appliances, dishes and household items along with toys for the 3 children. We were also able to give the family clothing and some financial assistance. This family really touched our hearts. They all had such a great attitude. They were so grateful and thankful for everything. They had their hands up to God the whole time instead of their hands out to others for help...and God came through for them, "We are better off now than before the fire! God has blessed us with nicer things than we had before. You cannot outgive God," they said.

The next fire broke out on December 4, 2008, only 3 days after the Allison fire. This fire destroyed the historic Dunbar Neighborhood Council building which was located at the 700 block of South Oak Avenue in Mineral Wlls, TX. This fire started in the early morning hours. 17 people were inside when the fire erupted and they all survived with only the clothes on their backs. The homeless folks were given shelter by local agencies. Compassion for Life was able to give the fire victims a truckload of clothing which was taken to one of the designated drop off points. (photos of the Allison and Dunbar fires below)

Cheryl Allison, (left), Barbara Testa, CFL co-founder (middle) & Hank Allison, (right). They showed CFL what their new furnished home looked like.

This is all that remained of the home that Cheryl & Hank Allison had made for their family. The December fire took their home, its contents & their 3 dogs.

A closer look at the Allison's home

Rubble left by the fire.

Another view of the Allison's home showing the charred trees and the ruins left behind.

Christy Harrison volunteered her time and resources to help out the Allison family.


The Dunbar building took up a city block and these are the remains.

Another view of the Dunbar building that burned to the ground in December.

The Dunbar Building at another vantage point.

The rubble left from the Dunbar fire.

The vehicles at the Dunbar facility were also destroyed in the early morning blaze.

Even though the building is in ruins, all of the occupants safely got out.

All that remains of the Dunbar building are the front steps.

Charred contents and debris left behind.