Compassion for Life/Disaster Relief Servants

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The first lady is Penny Snow. She and her family lost their home by a wildfire that began with sparking power lines outside of Mineral Wells, TX. She had homeowner's insurance which paid for her home to be rebuilt, however, she was in need of furniture, clothing and household items to replace the ones that were destroyed.

 The next couple pictured are an elderly/disabled couple from Gordon, TX. Jan Buchanan, 64 takes care of her 74 year old husband, Jack who is disabled with Alzheimer's. The couple live off social security and did not have homeowner's insurance. Their housefire began in their kitchen when a wire shorted out and caught fire in her stove. They were in need of small and large appliances, furniture and household items to replace what was lost in the fire, along with volunteers to help with donations for the family, gutting the home and helping them to rebuild.

The third family pictured are only 4 of the 11 in the Rameriz family of Mineral Wells, TX. Their home caught fire after a propane tank blew up in their garage. The fire took several of the family's vehicles, the garage and a lot of the interior of the home was ruined with smoke and water damage. The family had homeowner's insurance on the home only, not the contents. The family needed help with clothing, home decorating items, bedding, small and large appliances and furniture.

The next lady pictured is Margaret Stanton of Mineral Wells, TX. Margaret is in her 70's and is disabled. She is a widow living on a fixed income. When the hail storms in April and May of 2008 pounded Mineral Wells, Margaret's home suffered significant damage. Margaret has no homeowner's insurance and had nowhere to turn for assistance. After Margaret contactied the Salvation Army, the Salvation Army called Compassion for Life to ask for assistance. Since the Salvation Army does not assist folks with needs such as Margaret's, Compassion for Life went to assess the situation.  Ms. Stanton had trees that needed to be cut and hauled away, several storm windows and ripped up screens that needed to be fixed and replaced an a lot of broken glass that needed to be claned up and hauled away. This is not within the realm of what we normally do, however, when there is a will to help, God provides a way. We were blessed to be able to meet Margaret's needs.

Penny Snow pictured with CFL Founder, Paul Testa. We were blessed to help Penny and her family with some furniture items.

The smoke and water damaged remains of the Buchanan home.

The Buchanan kitchen, where the fire began.

Volunteer Anna Richardson (right) with Jan Buchanan (left) discussing donations needed to rebuild.

The Buchanan home, gutted and being rebuilt.

Rebuilding the Buchanan home.

CFL Founder, Paul Testa (left) with Jan Buchanan (right) and her husband Jack (seated).

CFL Founder, Barbara Testa cutting insulation for the rebuilding process at the Buchanan home.

Jan Buchanan (left) with CFL Founder Barbara Testa and her grand daughter, Jordan Johnson. CFL provided the items needed to furnish their home.

Pictured at the left are only 4 members of the Rameriz family. CFL Founder, Paul Testa (left) with the parents Diane and Alex Ramirez. The picture directly above shows the Ramirez family finding many needed items to refurnish their home at the CFL storage building.

Below is the burned out home of the Rameriz family.

Pictured above is Margaret tanton of Mineal Wells, TX. Margaret is in her 70's, disabled, widowed, on a fixed income and without homeowner's insurance. How could we not help her in some way?

Margaret Stanton's home was in need of her storm windows fixed and replaced, her ripped up screens replaced and she had trees that needed to be trimmed up. The tree limbs needed to be hauled off, along with the broken glass from her windows.

Additional windows and screens repaired by CFL. Ms. Stanton had other damages as well that were not within the scope of what we could handle, so we contacted others to assist her with that.