Compassion for Life/Disaster Relief Servants

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We had a wonderful experience when we teamed up with our church, Eagle Mountain International Church, and their efforts to aid the existing victims left from hurricane Katrina. Our church joind forces with Operation Blessing, another disaster relief organization and a church in Slidell, LA called Joy Fellowship Church. With all the volunteers from the various groups working together we were able to accomplish an astounding amount of things. Our time/resources/efforts were multiplied when we all worked together with the common goal of blessing those still in need. As a team, we were able to help rebuild a home in St. Bernard Parrish, New Orleans for an elderly/disabled family. Reynold Austin, the husband of Beverly Austin, 64 and legally blind has been caring for her sister, Jackie, 71 and mentally ill for 40 years. The family was living in a FEMA trailer in the front yard of their destroyed home. They bought a home across the street from their destroyed home and hired an electrician to prepare the home for renovation. The worker charged them $3000 and never completed the work. With medical bills and limited finances, the Austin's were at a stand still.  We were able to help them out by gutting the home for them, putting up new sheet rock, painting throughout, repairing/replacing tile flooring, new paint on the exterior of the home, digging up and replacing the driveway/sidewalks/lawn. Operation Blessing fully furnished the home when it was completed and the Austin's were able to move into the home on October 13, 2006. As a team we also helped to restock/organize/clean up the free clinic set up by Operation Blessing in New Orleans. We also helped to renovate a library for a catholic school and built them desks for the library. We were also able to bless others by passing out food at Joy Fellowship Church's distribution center. At the distribution center, folks came to get food for their physical needs and prayer for their spiritual needs. there were over 5 miles of cars that came for their needs to be met. There were over 500 salvations and many healings. One woman heard that people were getting healed when they were prayed for so she came to get a healing. She was concerned about breast cancer with a lump on her breast. She was prayed for and the lump disappeared! Compassion for Life will be returning to assist Operation Blessing in their heroic efforts to restore the lives of the dear people of Louisiana. Our hearts ache for them and our spirits long to return. When we walked around in Louisiana, we wept, so much need a year much good coming out of it ... and so much fulfillment as we were walking in our vision and living out our dream. Thanks to all of you who make this dream of ours, a reality. Together we are making a difference. Together we are bringing help to the helpless and hope to the hopeless.

Operation Blessing crew on site in New Orleans. Compassion for Life founders are located second from the left in the front row is Barbara Testa behind her is Paul Testa

Compassion for Life, CEO/Founders in front of the nearly completed home in St. Bernard Parrish. All that is lacking is the pouring of the cement in the driveway/sidewalks and finishing the lawn.

Volunteer, Ellen French is enjoying herself as she digs/loads/hauls fill dirt to complete the forms for the driveway/sidewalks.

FEMA trailers line the streets in this neighborhood. The trailers are located in the front yards of the homes destroyed by Katrina. Debris still lays around a year later.

Paul Testa of Compassion for Life builds desks for the renovated library in a catholic school in Louisiana.

Many volunteers join together to build the new desks to supply the renovated school library that Katrina destroyed.

Reynold Austin, elderly Katrina victim and owner of the home being renovated in New Orleans by the many volunteers who care.

Beverly Austin, blind wife of Reynold Austin at left. Beverly is full of thankfulness and smiles for all to see as she tours her newly renovated home.