Compassion for Life/Disaster Relief Servants

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On September 11, 2001 when our nation was under a terrorist attack and the Twin Towers were destroyed in New York city, "something" began to grow inside of us. As we heard the many miraculous stories that came out of the misery of 9/11/01, the many testimonies of courage, resolve and a goodness in this nation that we had not witnessed up until that time...that "something" grew bigger and bigger.  As the years continued and the disasters, both natural and man-made, became more and more frequent, that "something" grew into an inner ache. By the time October of 2004 arrived and we were watching the news about the fourth hurricane that had hit Florida that season, that "something" was birthed.  As we watched a woman, with her husband and 4 small children, being interviewed we couldn't help but be impacted by her hopelessness.  She was sobbing about how all that they had saved for was lost, all that they had invested in, all that they lived for had been destroyed. She was helpless and hopeless.  We cried as we felt her pain, her hopelessness.  She was so wrapped up in her material things that she failed to see how blessed she was...she was alive, her husband was alive and all of her children were alive!! The other things that she had put all  her trust in was just "stuff". Yes, it is terrible that they lost so much, but it was wonderful that what they hadn't lost was their lives...their precious irreplaceable lives! The stuff could all be replaced, but life cannot, and all of their lives had been miraculously saved, and yet she never mentioned that at all.  We were distressed with her helpless and hopeless condition and we knew what that "something" was at that moment.  We needed to start a disaster relief organization to minister to the needs of bring help to the helpless and hope to the hopeless.  We accepted the call on our lives in October 2004, we filed for our name, "Compassion for Life" and by November 2004 we were granted non-profit status by the State of Texas and were incorporated.  We then filed for 501C-3 status with the IRS and by September 2005 we were granted that exemption along with tax-exemption from the State of Texas.  We are currently in the process of partnering with other organizations that have the same goals that we have.  We believe that by ourselves we cannot accomplish as much as if we team up with others and we all glean from each others talents, skills, and giftings to accomplish much more for the greater good.  We can never have enough donations, both material goods and finaces, along with volunteers. We have had many great folks befriend and partner with Compassion for Life, but there is always room for more. One of our goals is that we never have to turn anyone away due to a lack in any area. 


Paul Testa, (left) and Barbara Testa (right) are the CEO & Founders of Compassion for Life/Disaster Relief Servants.


  • CPR Trained
  • First Aid Trained
  • CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Certification through the Federal Emergency Management Agency's course. A part of Freedom Corps and a member of the President's Citizen Corps.
  • Completed the Believer's Institute Course "Crisis Response Training"
  • Certificate of Completion for the National Weather Service's Storm Spotter Training
  • Certificate of Training for the Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation Pipeline Safety Training Program
  • Mass Care Training
  • Shelter Operations Training
  • Community Services Training
  • Logistics Training
  • Disaster Assessment Training
  • Emergency Response Vehicle Training

WE ARE MEMBERS OF: The Mineral Wells Area Chamber Of Commerce, The ProVision Network/ Fort Worth-EMIC Chapter from 2005-2007, Parker County CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) from 2005-2008, Members of the Cambridge Who's Who from 2007-2008

CONTACT US BY WRITING TO: Compassion for Life, 10 Lori Drive, Mineral Wells, Texas 76067 OR CALL: 940-328-0094 OR YOU CAN E-MAIL US AT: